What are NFT games?

NFT games are born out of the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

The first NFT games were born in 2012, one of the first being crypto kitties, although the real breakthrough came in 2017. This kind of game created such a buzz that many gamers went on to earn a lot of money, simply by playing.

These games require understanding some basic concepts about blockchain and NFTs, so let’s explain them first, in order to understand how NFT games work.


So what is an NFT game?

An NFT game is a video game where most of them have NFTs as part of their ecosystem (WARNING!!! not all games called NFTs have real NFTs), usually characters, but also weapons, the house you live in, household items, vehicles, etc.

That is, you buy with money or cryptocurrencies that NFT, and it is unique within the game. There can be millions of characters or weapons, but each one has something unique and cannot be copied or counterfeited, because it is encrypted in a blockchain.

Normally, the more popular the game is, the more people will play it and buy NFTs, and thus the more the value of the NFTs will rise.

We already have the concepts clear: an NFT game is a game that has unique characters or objects, in NFT format, and that costs real money (there are cases that are free but usually have no value).

By playing you upgrade these NFTs, which you can then usually sell for more money. You can also earn cryptocurrencies by completing in-game objectives.

Both the NFTs and the cryptocurrencies you earn can be converted into real money (this also depends on the game).

Requirements for playing an NFT game

The first thing we need is a wallet to store the cryptocurrencies we earn or to store the NFTs from the game.

There are games like NFUT Cards where they make the whole process of exchanging cryptocurrencies easy and save you money as you can deposit directly through debit/credit cards.

Most users use digital wallets, which only require you to create an account to maintain it. The most popular of these is Metamask, but any other wallet will do.
There are also physical wallets, which are more secure. They store your crypto without being connected to the internet, so in theory, they can’t be hacked.

Some games require you to buy certain characters or NFT items in order to play. Others don’t.

As you play, if you are a good player you can earn cryptos that you can store in your wallet, and exchange for real money on an exchange such as pancakeswap.

NFTs can also be sold to another player through the game itself or on an external marketplace.