Knowing NFUT’s assets

NFUT cards is 100% based on NFTs and blockchain technology, so we believe it is really important that you know how each of the assets that you can use in the game work, their characteristics and the reason for their value.

To represent it in the most graphic way, our design team, together with Estefanía Martínez, the person responsible for the art of our project, have created a series of infographics in which all the important aspects of each of the NFUT assets are detailed.

Below we will be detailing all the assets in an orderly fashion.

Infographic NFUT Badge

🛡Badges in NFUT will be indispensable assets to form clubs, these assets will define the emblem of your team, their rarity will determine their value on the market and they are considered a collectible.

Infographic NFUT Shirt

🎽The NFUT Shirts, like the crest, will be an indispensable asset to form your club, these will be the shirts that your team will wear in matches, there will be one for the goalkeepers and one for the players. Like the NFUT badges, their rarity will also determine their value.

Please note that in the future both NFUT Badges and Shirts may provide some positive functions for your team.

Infographic NFUT Player

⚽NFUT Players are one of the most important assets in the game, they will have different stats depending on their position on the pitch. The better the stats, the more valuable the player will be for the PVP.

Important: there will be tournaments for bronze or silver players only, and the prizes will be high, so keep this in mind when making decisions that affect your squad.

Infographic NFUT Coach

🕴NFUT Coaches are an asset that we have been introducing to you little by little, these cards will be decisive when it comes to taking actions in terms of squad management, and their stats will directly influence the NFUT Players.

They will also be able to take actions on the pitch, such as making changes during matches or changing the line-up and thus adding an extra element of strategy to the gameplay.

Infographic NFUT Award

🏅The NFUT Awards will be merely exclusive collectibles that will be awarded to all NFUTERS who participate in special events, win a tournament or finish at the top of the league rankings.

Infographic NFUT Stadium

🏟NFUT Stadiums will be the most valuable assets in the game, they will be limited and can be increased over time and through reinvestment.

The capacity of the stadium will directly influence the amount of rewards you receive during matches, and you will even be able to rent them out so that others can play matches in them.

More information about these assets will be revealed soon.

Infographic NFUT Ticket

🎫NFUT Tickets will be used to participate in events and will be mined in exchange for an amount of tokens that will vary depending on the type of event (tournament, world, leagues..etc), these tickets will be different depending on the event to which they are assigned.
It should be clarified that these NFT’s will have to be used to, for example, participate in tournaments, so they have a use apart from being collectible.

Infographic NFUT Referee

🟨NFUT Referees will be cards that cannot be purchased, they will be specific to the game and will influence the game in a random way depending on their hardness attribute, which will define the hardness of the refereeing performance.

NFUTERS please note that these assets will be modified over time and we will also be adding new infographics for the new assets, we will also include these images in the Whitepaper.